EW-21 Chopper 1000-watt

Product Details:

Weight Capacity: 400LBS

Speed: Up to 18mph

Distance: Up to 30 miles per charge

Front Seat Type: Extended Bicycle Style Seat, 2 Rider Capacity

Front seat Size: 24” L x 8” W x 7.5” H 

Front Seat: 27” from ground 

Steering Height: 42” from Ground 

Power:  Electric 60 volts

Watts: 1000 Watt

Motor Type: Brushless Transaxle

Amps: 12 AH

Volts: 60 Volts

Dimensions 71” L x 37” W x 42” H

Forward/Reverse Switch: Yes

High/Med/Low Speed Control Switch: Yes

Floor Clearance: 5”

Batteries: (1) 60v 12 AH Lithium Ion Battery

Front tire size: 18.5” x 9.5”

Rear tire size: 18.5” x 9.5”

Charger: 60V Smart Charger Included

Throttle Type: Variable Twist Throttle

Key Start: Yes

Braking System: Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Drive System: Electric Hub Motor 60volt 800watt

Headlight: LED Headlight

Scooter Weight: 170lbs

Battery Indicator: Yes

Front Suspension: N/A

Rear Suspension: Yes

Reflectors:  Rear Fender

Special Features: Bluetooth Speaker


EW 44 800-watt

Product Details:

Weight Capacity: 500lbs.

Speed:  Up to 15mph

Distance: 45 miles per charge

Front Seat: Adjustable Comfort Seat Seat Size: 19” L x 17” W x 19”H

Seat Cushion Height: 25” from floor

Turning Radius: 150 “

Steering Height: 37” from floor

Power: Electric

Motor Type:  800-watt, Transaxle Differential Brushless Motor

Batteries: 60 Volt, 20 AH, SLA sealed

Dimensions: 68” L x 27” W x 45”H

Floor Clearance: 6”

Front Windshield: Yes

Forward/Reverse switch: Yes

LED Lighting Package: Yes

Front Tire Size:  3”x10”

Rear Tire Size: 5”x12”

Aluminum Wheels:  Yes

Charger:  60-volt Smart Charger

Throttle Type:  Variable Speed Control – twist

Speed Switch:  Yes, Three Speed Settings

Key Start:  Yes, Remote Key Fob

Braking System:  Front Disc Brake, Rear Drum Brake

Digital Dash:  Yes

Cargo Box Storage:  Yes, 10”D x 20”W x 10”H

Under Seat Storage:  Yes, Electric Locking Storage

Alarm System:  Yes

Rear Mirrors:  Yes

Lighting Package:  LED Front, Rear lights, Turn Signals, Brake Lights, Running Lights

Electric Horn:  Yes

Front Windshield:  Yes

Hard Canopy:  Yes

Battery Indicator:  Yes

Shock Absorbers:  Yes, Both Front & Rear

Reflectors:  Yes

Scooter Weight:  308 lbs.


EW 54 700-watt

Product Details:

SPEED: Up to 15 mph

MOTOR: 700-watt brushless motor


VOLTS: 60 volts


BATTERIES: 48-volt lead acid maintenance free

BASKET: Rear color matching cargo box

TIRES: Tubeless tires

CHARGER: Smart charger

RANGE: Up to 40 miles per single charge

THROTTLE: Variable speed control twist throttle

REMOTE KEY: Remote key fob, start/stop, alarm

BRAKE: Foot brake

LIGHTS: Front head light, rear brake lights, front and rear turn signals


EW 74 700-watt

Product Details:

Weight Capacity:  400lbs.

Speed:  Up to 14mph

Distance: Up to 45 miles per charge

Front Seat: Adjustable Comfort Seat

Seat Size: 17” D x 19” W x 23” H

Seat Cushion Height: 24” from floor

Turning Radius: 83 “

Steering Height: 35” from floor

Power: Electric

Motor Type: 700-watt peak, Transaxle Differential Brushless Motor

Batteries: 48 Volt, 20AH, SLA sealed

Dimensions: 62” L x 24” W x 44” H seat upright

Dimensions: 55” L x 24” W x 42” H seat folded

Floor Clearance: 5.5”

Forward/Reverse switch: Delta Tiller lever

LED Lighting Package: Yes

USB Port: Yes

Front Tire Size: 3.5”x10”

Rear Tire Size: 3”x14”

Aluminum Wheels: Yes

Charger:  8 Volt Smart Charger

Throttle Type: Delta Tiller lever

Speed Switch: Adjustable Speed Dial

Key Start: Yes, Remote Key Fob

Braking System: Electromagnetic

Digital Dash: Yes

Cargo Basket Storage: Yes, 11” D x 17” W x 10” H

Alarm System: Yes

Rear Mirrors:  Yes

Lighting Package: LED Front, Rear lights, Turn Signals, Brake Lights, Running Lights

Electric Horn: Yes

Battery Indicator: Yes

Shock Absorbers: Yes, Four Wheel Independent Suspension

Reflectors: Yes

Headrest: Yes, Adjustable

Bumpers: Yes, Front & Rear

Scooter Weight: 229 lbs.


Shoprider Sunrunner

Product Details:

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

Speed: Up to 5 mph

Distance: Up to 25 miles per charge

Front Seat Type: Sliding and swivel deluxe captain seat

Full Tiller Shroud: Adjustable tiller

Headlight package

Colors: Burgundy or Blue

Front Tire: 2 x 7" diameter, 

Rear Tire: 2 x 8" diameter

Scooter Weight (w/ batteries, basket, seat): 180lbs

Each Battery Module Weight: 26 lbs

Maximum Battery Module Capacity: 12V33Ah x 2

Charger: Off Board (3A)

Output Power of Motor: 1 HP

Speed: 5 mph

Climbing Angle (based on user weight of 200lb)/Safe Climbing Angle: 14 %

Turning Radius: 50"

Handle Bar: T

Dimensions: 9” L x 22” W x 38” H

Uses a sealed lead acid U1 battery


Lovebird 1300-watt

Product Details:

Max Speed: 9 mph 

Distance: 25 miles

Dimensions: 62” L x 50” W x 33” H

Max Load: 400 lbs.

Battery: 12V/70Ah x 2

Charging: 4-8 hours

Motor: 1300watt

Drive System: Rear gear drive with transaxle

Brake System: Electromagnetic brake

Turning Radius: 3.5m

Tires: 14" front, 17” rear Tubeless

Ground Clearance: 6.5"

Ground Clearance from Seat: 27"